Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloths for Babies

Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloths for Babies

Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloths for Babies

ORGANIC NATURAL FABRIC: Super Soft washcloth for babies, Bamboo Brooklyn is proud to offer you our premium baby washcloths. Made with bamboo fibers, free of chemicals and dyes, made with the lightest, softest bamboo fibers, Bamboo fiber's organic properties make them not only the softest but the safest material, Stop settling for harsh stiff washcloths that irritate your baby’s skin and make the switch to all-natural softness.

BABY SKIN FRIENDLY: Can be used for babies with sensitive and dry sensitive skin or baby eczema. Safest and soft material for baby bath wipes, and washcloths. Give your baby’s delicate skin the gentle touch he or she deserves with these premium baby washcloths. Our ultra-soft and quick absorbent washcloths are gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. Bamboo fabric has a softness and Organic properties, which is perfect for a baby’s soft, delicate skin.

ECO-FRIENDLY BABY WASHCLOTHS: Unlike single use baby wipes which are often full of potentially harmful chemicals, our bamboo washcloths are chemical free & biodegradable making them not only better for your baby but better for the environment. Gentile easy to wash cloths make for the perfect reusable baby wipes. Stop wasting money time and again on chemical filled wipes that contribute to landfills and go all natural, not only for your baby’s now, but for their tomorrow.

SATISFACTION ASSURED: Softer and thicker than any other product, all our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards possible, so that your kid gets have fun for years on end whenever it’s bath time. We assure that you won’t find such an amazing washcloth of premium quality, , so grab your washcloth today and let the fun times begin. Each washcloth is 10″ by 10″ and comes in a pack of 6, in Light Blue, Light Green, and Light Yellow 2 Pcs Each Color.

PERFECT BABY GIFT: Perfect for baby registry, this is an essential item for new parents and baby, the more the merrier where baby bamboo fabric washcloth are concerned for baby soft skin. These washcloth are suitable for newborn, toddler, and infant, easy to wash and very durable too.


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