About Us

Brooklyn Bamboo - Our Story

Brooklyn Bamboo is brand that was created in order to provide the best baby and family supplies that when it came to quality, they would be considered the example to follow by all other brands.

These ideals and morals of how we manufacture our products and do business, come from the fact that we ourselves are a family owned and operated business, and we more than familiar with the fact that parents never settle for anything less than the absolute best for their little ones.

Simply put, Brooklyn Bamboo down at the very core, is a business created by families, FOR families.

Bamboo Cloth - The Fabric Of The Future

Our best seller, the Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloths set, is made out of all natural and organic Bamboo cloth that simply puts our product far ahead in quality.

As a company, we strive to look ahead into the future and take advantage of the most cutting edge technologies we can get our hands on, so that we can reach the absolute highest standards while still remaining eco-friendly and without using chemicals, dyes or any other harmful substances. And we take great pride in the fact that we adhere to the same high quality standards for all our products.

Brooklyn Bamboo’s products are manufactured in China, the home of the best organic bamboo. That’s where Bamboo is naturally grown, harvested and converted into our wonderful products.

Feeling The Brooklyn Vibe

Our Company is based in one the most iconic places to live when you’re in New York.

Brooklyn is a place where it’s filled with young people and subsequently, there’s a great deal of creativity, fashion and all manners of innovation floating around in these here parts.

Having our headquarters in Brooklyn is not by chance. We simply love being influenced by all the innovation and new trends that arise only to take the rest of the world by storm. This means that our company is always in touch with its surroundings and we will always strive to provide you with something that you’re proud to buy.

Whether it’s bath towels made with the latest technologies, whether it’s handkerchiefs for men and women made with impeccable style and quality, we always settle for the newest, best designs and production techniques.

Always with great care towards the environment and always with the utmost respect towards you, our customer.

Brooklyn Bamboo - The Hallmark In Baby & Family Products